Vision Insurance

Vision Insurance

Many Americans have vision problems and wear some form of corrective lenses. Unfortunately, most basic health insurance plans do not include routine eye care as part of their coverage. With the Kentucky Bar Association Health Plan, you can offer this necessary but often overlooked coverage to your employees.


Your employees get the advantage of working for a business that offers them and their families a prized benefit: quality vision coverage that may cost them less than they could find on their own.


Vision buy-up option

You can offer a plan with a low deductible and copay coverage option, giving your employees maximum flexibility to balance cost with coverage. If you purchase dental insurance from the Kentucky Bar Association Health Plan - which includes a routine eye exam - and you wish to offer additional vision benefits, your Kentucky Bar Association Health Plan vision benefits will include the following, for in-network and out-of-network care:

  • Single-vision lenses
  • Frame benefits
  • Contact lenses



To obtain a quote for your client, please reach out to your Delta Dental of Kentucky sales representative and ask for a quote for the Kentucky Bar Association Health Plan. You must work with a broker. Direct submissions to the carrier will not be accepted. If you need a health insurance broker, simply ask Mercer for a referral.



VSP Vision Care



  • Do I have to use a network provider?

    Employees can use their preferred providers, including those operated by big-box stores and national chains. They may save money by using a network provider. To compare coverage options, click here.
  • How to we administer COBRA?

    The Kentucky Bar Association Health Plan is considered a large group health plan and therefore subject to the COBRA rules and regulations for continuation coverage. The Plan selected McGregor & Associates as the COBRA vendor partner. You will receive an email with information about how you can work with McGregor to ensure continuation coverage is offered to any qualified beneficiaries. You are free to choose your own COBRA vendor if preferred; however, a waiver must be provided to




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